I have two girls and they are the love of my life.  They are really getting old now and I have been remembering them through the years.  LULU, (sort of a dashound/ beagelish) is turning 20 now, she can’t see and she sleeps a lot.  Her back legs don’t work so well anymore.  It is sad to see old age creeping up all over her. I can tell very soon she will be making the heavenly trek over the rainbow to become a most special angel.  The sadness has engulfed me.  I remember back 20 years ago my wonderful neighbors Marty and Sky went to Greece for a vacation.  I received a phone call late one night and Sky told me he found a tiny puppy, about 6 weeks, alone under a bush and if they bring it home would I take the little girl that looks like a big mouse….I answered, ”of course, who wouldn’t want a baby big mouse”/  And so Lulu came into my life!  WOW! she was soooo special.  My little baby was absolutely perfect.  I had a dog door that she could go out to the yard at any time and she never, ever had an accident, and she was soooo loving.  Every bit of my maternal instinct came out.  I loved my little baby and felt so fortunate that she was mine.    Most of my friends are single, never got married or had children.  I realized I needed something for me and my maternal instincts to love.  This was it.  To give love and receive love was incredible.  We were inseparable.  I carried her around all the time…I think that is why she had short legs.  She understood me and I understood her…It was definitely a two way street.  I think she was the BEST relationship I ever had.  It was just so EASY!

My friend Polly and I did a lot of rescue work for animals, mostly dogs.  One day we received a call saying there was a place that fixed cars that had a few dogs and didn’t take care of them.  It was animal abuse.  They said the dogs looked very sick.  Sooooo we  (Miss Polly and me) make a visit to see what is what.  We have matching blue shirts and hats and a clipboard and we are in my old Isuzu Rodeo.  We look very professional! We look like we belong to some department, perhaps the department of animal control, you never know… We see the dogs in horrible condition and know we have to get them out of there.  Get them cleaned up and healthy and have them adopted into good homes.  So I say I am from perhaps…a certain department and do a smashing improv on how we now have to see the dogs’ licenses and medical records and proof they have all the shots that they are required to have.  They have nothing.  I tell them we will be back in one week to see the new certificates they will have to get and their food.  There were three adult dogs and two puppies

Yes, you guessed it, one week to the minute Miss Polly and I were back and ….had to take the dogs, since they did not have the required paperwork.  I had Miss Polly load the dogs up while I spoke with this man, (which is when I do my best acting and improv work, explaining any rules I make up that day). Off we go … with the dogs. My other dog ANNIE, (Australian Shepard/chocolate lab mix) is one of the dogs from that visit/rescue, she is seventeen.  Annie’s twin brother and the other adult dog got a beautiful home on 5 acres in Calabasas…now I’m thinking…hey maybe someone should rescue me!!!!  Annie was very fragile.  Afraid of everything.  She followed LULU around and did whatever LULU did.  They were instantly sisters….Annie thought they must be identical twins…I had to cover all the mirrors so they didn’t see that they did not look alike at all. … It took 6 months for Annie to adjusted.  I love her very much and do positive reinforcement with her constantly.


We have been one happy family “The Girls” and I.  Soooo….who thinks John Lennon is right?…Love Is All You Need!