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Under the banner of Lulu Productions Ellen Gerstein has produced award-winning films, web series, music videos,  documentaries, theatre and is developing several new projects.  All of Ellen’s endeavors share her passion as a humanitarian and highlight social issues.

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Feature Film Screenplays

Big Al, Hip Hop and Her (comedy feature)

Inspired by a true story

A successful psychotherapist begrudgingly takes in her father who befriends a street rapper who teaches them what family and love is all about.

The script conveys how people from different backgrounds, young and old, have a lot to learn and give to each other. We can make our own families not always related by blood.

CookieFace (comedy feature)

Inspired by a true story

After a mid-life crisis a funny lady struggles to find her true calling. Your Life isn’t what other people think it should be….Open up yourself and let life come in!


A mental health musical… Written by Ellen Gerstein and Jerri Sher

Inspired by the one-woman show, “My Psychotherapy Comeback Tour” created & performed by Ellen Gerstein

A brilliant, Beverly Hills psychiatrist becomes homeless and treats her current clients on the streets bringing her newfound happiness instead of fame.

Dr. Jeanee up against a wall

Sylvia’s Just Sayin’ (comedy web series)

This show combats ageism with a wonderful inspiring feisty character. You will laugh your tushie off watching Sylvia live life to the fullest.



(travel webseries)

L.E Sue can’t stand the hassle and hates the expense of traveling, so she explores the world…not once leaving her home.


Past Projects

Short Films

Waiting For Ronald (drama)

Is about a man with developmental disabilities who ventures out in the world to start his new life. Ellen wrote and directed this international award-winning short film (35 mm). She selected disabled and non-disabled actors for a blended cast.

Come Away With Me(drama)

Is about an inter-racial couple, sweethearts in the sixties. A woman goes to her high school reunion with hopes of rekindling the romance with the love of her life.


The Making ofCome Away With Me” (Documentary short)

Its the focus is twofold. The creative process of making the film with an all-female crew and the production of the original song was made for the movie.

“Come Away With Me Tonight ”

(Original Song)

Created as the 1960’s love song for the high school sweethearts Michael and Anne in the film Come Away With Me.

Listen here

Silent Laughter  (short film)

From the Women’s Directing Workshop at AFI, a stand-up comic picks on the wrong audience member and ends up fighting for her life.


My Psychotherapist Comeback Tour,  (one-woman show),

Performed by Ellen. A tour de force! This is a hilarious and very touching life story of a brilliant, successful, Beverly Hills psychotherapist, who happens to be homeless.

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