Meet Ellen Gerstein…

Ellen is an acclaimed and award -winning actor, screenwriter, director and founder of Lulu Productions. She also has an established actor’s workshop in Los Angeles where she has taught on-camera and script analysis.  Many people also know Ellen’s other persona- SYLVIA!

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Ellen has produced many projects under the Lulu Productions banner.  Including, have included film, documentaries, theater, web series, and music videos


Where is Dr. Jeanee (A Mental Health Musical)

Cookieface (Rom-Com Feature) and,

Big All, Hip-Hop and Her (Comedy Feature). 

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Wine Country Film Award
Toronto FF Award
Diversity Cannes Award
Blue November Editing Award
Best Short Award
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Ellen Gerstein Acting Coach during instruction with a student


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ABOUT Ellen Gerstein
 She is classy, sassy and a bit SMART ASSY. Click to learn more
She's a Producer!
Producing is her middle name. She is a clever, funny, hottsy tottsy dame! Click to learn more
She's an Actor!
She’s short, but acts tall. Click to learn more
She's a Writer!
She writes poems –  From the Bronx, there once was a girl, her hair had a beautiful curl, to Miami they moved for biz, after that her hair did frizz! Click to learn more


She's a Director!
She used to direct traffic and worked her way up to directing people. Click to learn more
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Sylvia’s Just Sayin’, a comedy web series. I’m Sylvia Utnik, an extremely opinionated and outspoken single lady. Being in the “NOW” is of the utmost importance to me. I’m a wonderful, inspiring feisty character who combats ageism. I’m an action hero! Plus, you’ll laugh your tushie off watching me. I’m all about “Gossipin’… Gabbin’… Gigglin’ and Gettin’ Real!”

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Phone:  323-791-6064