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My experience as an actor informs my writing. It’s exciting to develop characters and create   dialogue. If the writing process is going well the characters practically write their own dialogue.

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Just South of Normal?

Normal? Who wants to be normal? Best  buddies navigate the obstacles of being oddball roommates, as they cope with life, love, and the wild world of living on the autism spectrum. Adapted from Ellen’s international award-winning short film, Waiting For  Ronald. Just South Of Normal was a semi-finalist in The Diverse Voices contest two years in a row. 

Big Al, Hip Hop and Her (comedy feature)

Inspired by a true story

When a career-driven psychotherapist on the verge of media stardom has her elderly fatherland in her lap, his unlikely friendship with a young street rapper forces her to realize the importance of family.

CookieFace, (comedy feature)

Inspired by a true story

An actress, (Ok, a boutique sale girl), who on her 40th birthday realizes she is broke, single and her best friend has the career she wants, which leaves her with the decision to give up on life or change it. This was adapted from a one-act play, produced by the LA Women’s Theater and performed at a Women In Film event.

                 Has Anyone Seen Dr. Jeannee Sebel (Web series)

Dr. Jeannee Sebel is the brilliant, zany, Beverly Hills psychotherapist, renowned for her development of quirky, alternative modalities. She is, “The Therapist to the Stars”. Dr. Sebel, has dropped out and become homeless, triggering an epiphany that her life’s calling is to help those who can least afford it. She became, “The Therapist on the Street”. It won Semi-finalist in the Screenwriting Competition at the Hollyshorts Film Festival.

Bruno and Yetta (animated feature)

A young male dog, the street ruffian, taunts an elderly female dog to get in good with his gang.  She cries, tells him how her life has changed since she has aged and was abandoned by her family. If she can’t find love and a life worth living, she would rather not be around anymore. He confides in her how he was ripped away from his mother when he was too young and never had a family. He vows that he will find her the perfect home no matter what it takes.



A unique experience for people who are unable to travel but would like to think they have. L.E. Sue, is the global gura who takes you on a STAYCATION to your dream destination without leaving your living room.

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Sylvia’s Just Sayin’ (comedy)

Sylvia Utnik is an extremely opinionated and outspoken older single lady. Being in the “NOW” is of the utmost importance to her. She is all about “Gossipin’… Gabbin’… Gigglin’ and Gettin’ Real!”

Waiting for Ronald

Waiting for Ronald is an internationally award-winning short film, shot on 35mm, Ellen wrote, produced, and directed. The film is about a 37-year-old man with developmental disabilities who finally leaves the institution where he has spent most of his life. He takes his suitcase, his fears, and humor to meet his best friend and start a new life. Jody Clark, who has developmental disabilities, played the lead, Ronald. Michael Luckerman, who is not disabled, but plays a disabled character, plays his best friend Edgar. These two actors were sensational and had an incredible relationship.

Come Away With Me 

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The  international award-winning short film that Ellen adapted from the play, A Couple of Horses Asses by David Field. It’s about an interracial couple who were sweethearts in the 60’s. The woman goes to her high school reunion in hopes of re-kindling her romance with the love of her life. The film has been in over 30 film festivals and has won more than 15 awards.  Ellen plays Anne and was so fortunate to have the very talented Charlie Robinson play Michael.