A Weekend Getaway!

Excitement is in the air. I am getting ready for the DESERT TRIP. OldChella here I come. Hell Yeah! Rock and Roll Never Dies!!!!! My wonderful friend Susan Duff and I are reliving the 60’s! Music….music…music! fun! Laughs! We are ready for all of it. A wonderful way to celebrate my birthday….Rollin with the Rolling Stones…Rockin with Paul McCartney…Blowin in the Wind with Bob Dylan…YES! Okay we will be packing very simply…comfy…layers. It will be hot in the day…chilly at night. Backpacks on our shoulders…comfy shoes. Hats for sun protection. We will be lookin for a good time and we will find it. ONWARD! And … hopefully the bathroom won’t be to far away from our seats.


Friendship…..a special honor

Make no mistake a friend is NOT an acquaintance and an acquaintance is NOT a friend.  When you cross the boundary from Acquaintance to friend ….well…that’s an honor….that’s special.  A really  good friend is not so easy to find so when you have one …take care and respect that friendship.  It takes time to develop a relationship and nurture it and let it have it’s ups and downs.  It is pretty incredible that a good friend will be THERE for you (wherever THERE is) and listen to you and pick you up when necessary and be concerned and be a source of help.  In my experience I feel fortunate that I have some real good friends and I am a real good friend.  I appreciate when someone  gives me their friendship.  To me it is like gold. They  became my family.  I can laugh my tush off with them and cry my eyes out with them.  A wonderful experience in give an take.  I  Never stop learning how to be a good friend ….I am not alone.  I have people who care about me. I plan on being a friend to the End….I also plan that the send doesn’t come for a very, very, very LONG time.  To my incredible,understanding ,loving

friends…THANK YOU.




Good God it’s great to laugh!  Oh yes, laughter can uplift you..can cure you…can help you cope.  People love to be around someone with HUMOR.  I don’t think you can teach someone to have humor, it is something you are born with.  This fact brings me to the thought that I am soooo lucky to have had the stork deliver me to  a family with humor, they were organically funny.  They couldn’t help it.  My parents, Devera and Al were both not just funny but OH so funny.  Such wonderful memories of my parents and my older sister Joan, I called Joannie, sitting around the dinner table and having a joyous entertaining meal.  We were a fast bunch especially with eating.  If you were a guest in the house I would inform you that you should take everything you want to eat and quickly put it on your plate because there no second servings because you will discover that when you want seconds everything will be gone.

I think that the humor kept my parents together and helped us through family trials and tribulations.  If you have a sense of humor, enjoy it and the most important thing is to SHARE it!

Little Blue Pearl Glasses

Little Blue Pearl Glasses

I’ve worn glasses from as long as I can remember.  One pair was a beautiful pair of pearl blue glasses  that I wore in 1st grade.  I have to admit that I was very self conceous about wearing glasses.  It wasn’t like today when it is hip and people have several incredibly kool pairs of glasses….no…back then you only had one pair of glasses.

So…back to first grade and it was recess and we were playing a game …boys together with the girls ( how very progressive) Everybody got in a large circle and a little boy would run around the outside of the circle behind everyone and held on to a hanky and when they were behind a little girl they had a crush on they would drop the hanky and then the little girl would try to grab the hanky and run and catch him..  Most of the little boys wanted to drop the hanky behind Valerie, who had two blond braids and adorable bangs and does NOT wear glasses.  I had a huge crush on Mike Bus and was praying he would put the hanky behind me….but I  knew he wouldn’t !

The game was just about over I was sad because not just Mike,,,,but no little boy  had put the hanky behind me. Then a little boy came up to me and I thought he was going to go behind me and drop the hanky, but instead he said  to my face…,”no one picked you cause  you are a 4 eyed monster.  I remember how much that hurt me, and I was fighting back tears and yelled…” I am not a 4 eyed monster any more, as I crunched my pearl blue glasses under my shoe and straight into the ground….  “There, I am NO 4  EYED MONSTER.


Cut to walking home after school and I was soooo proud of myself.  Congratulating myself for standing up for myself.!!!  Yeah!!!! I am short but I am strong!…I am young but no one messes with me!…  I arrived home and walked tall through the front door and couldn’t wait to tell my mother about what happened….I was sure she would  be so proud of me.  My mother took a long look at me and then said…”Where are your beautiful new pearl blue glasses?” I told her the story as I mimed me squishing my glasses into the ground with my foot and to my incredible shock, my mother sent me straight to my room!

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