Make no mistake a friend is NOT an acquaintance and an acquaintance is NOT a friend.  When you cross the boundary from Acquaintance to friend ….well…that’s an honor….that’s special.  A really  good friend is not so easy to find so when you have one …take care and respect that friendship.  It takes time to develop a relationship and nurture it and let it have it’s ups and downs.  It is pretty incredible that a good friend will be THERE for you (wherever THERE is) and listen to you and pick you up when necessary and be concerned and be a source of help.  In my experience I feel fortunate that I have some real good friends and I am a real good friend.  I appreciate when someone  gives me their friendship.  To me it is like gold. They  became my family.  I can laugh my tush off with them and cry my eyes out with them.  A wonderful experience in give an take.  I  Never stop learning how to be a good friend ….I am not alone.  I have people who care about me. I plan on being a friend to the End….I also plan that the send doesn’t come for a very, very, very LONG time.  To my incredible,understanding ,loving

friends…THANK YOU.