Dying to go to the movies.  But.  I have to GET UP.  GET DRESSED.  GET IN the car.  DRIVE.  GET OUT.  GO IN.  I don’t know, that sounds like a lot.

Holidays can mess with your diet.  Which can mess with your thighs.  Decorations are beautiful.  I enjoy them.  They make me happy.

I hope the families that have had it so difficult this year will find some comfort and better times in the New Year.  My heart goes out to them.

Onward into the unknown with hope and heart!!!!

Annie and Lulu made a xmas list

Annie and Lulu made a xmas list

and I’m checkin it twice….LULU  wants some squeeky toys…and soft cuddley  toys….and some good tasting treats….Lulu is almost 20 years old and she looks incredible…I think she has had some “work” done  and didn’t tell me…She is sort of a doxie till she stands next to a doxie …then she is bigger.  Maybe some beagle of? mixed in. She doesn’t see to good…BUT WHO DOES?  Her back legs aren’t to sturdy (had two knee operations)..BUT WHO HASN’T?…… LOVE HER!!!!!!!

ANNIE is a mix of chocolate lab and australian sheppard.  She wants some treats!  She is almost 17 and thinks she and LULU are twins…I covered the mirrors and don’t tell her the truth….She is still going strong…She doesn’t hear to well…or she is just ignoring me.  WHO DOESN’T?   She has arthritis..JOIN THE CLUB!!!!  ….LOVE HER!!!!

Of course they are rescues…WHO ISN’T!





Here come the Holidays! From a Funny Woman! Sylvia!

Here come the Holidays! From a Funny Woman! Sylvia!

Ellen Gerstein

Oh boy here they come ….they are coming fast and furious….HOLIDAYS!!!!  We are already into Hanakkah/Channuka!  Silver and blue decorations….little tiny xmas tree sprayed silver and blue balls (that’s right0, I said blue balls)  on the tree.  Kids playing Dradle….Chocolate money in gold wrappers.  Gifts for 8 nights.  Then on xmas day…All Jewish people go eat Cinese food and go to a movie.  Sounds Great.

Soon xmas.  I am sure everyone will be exhausted from shopping, shopping , shopping.It is not easy to get gifts that you think others will enjoy.  Good God I think everyone should be happy!  Love the decorations.  Beautiful lights and beautiful trees and great food and xmas cookies and cakes and egg nog and Santa.  What’s not to like about the holidays where you show people how much you care for them and appreciate them.  I really appreciate all the people doing what they can to make the holiday fun and festive.  Hey, it is a lot of work.

I sure hope it will get cold….It doesn’t seem right to have the holidays and it is not coid…just doesn’t seem right.  Ok, I would even settle for very CHILLY…out of desperation.  Yep…looking forward and do love the holidays.

And …New Years is coming up….OY, can’t talk about it yet!  Signing out for now.  Peace and Love!  And I mean it!!


It’s Sylvia. Who needs to talk to Harold.  I have said it all before.

It’s Sylvia. Who needs to talk to Harold. I have said it all before.

Sylvia Remote control

Oy do I LOVE living alone!! Well I do live with my husband Harold, which is fortunately like living alone. He can watch TV, read the paper, take a nap and snore all at the same time, in his comfy chair! Now that’s talent. I have sooo much time for myself..It’s a pleasure. I put down something for him to eat and he’s happy! Could you die! Once in awhile I yell something in to him just to see if he’s breathing…. OK…I’m gonna paint my toenails…

A big ole hug from


Is everyone sleeping???? Says this Funny Lady

Is everyone sleeping???? Says this Funny Lady

Is everyone sleeping

Ok …it’s is 2 oclock in the mornin and I am ready to rock and roll….Oh it is not gonna be pretty in the mornin…..LULU and ANNIE (my dog children)are not goin to be happy with my scheduale….This female comedian had planned on fast walkin early in the mornin…but it’s already early in the mornin for God’s sake!   I don’t see the point of sleepin…you just have to get up again.  Maybe I will just lay down and try to relax…of course the idea of that makes me anxious already.  Relax and listen to ocean sounds in my head. Uh Oh….I will then have to go to the bathroom..forget that.  Just looked at my dog children “The Girls”….I love them so much…they look like angels asleep.  I am overwhelmed with love for them!!!  Unconditional love!  Sleep?  maybe now.