Is everyone sleeping

Ok …it’s is 2 oclock in the mornin and I am ready to rock and roll….Oh it is not gonna be pretty in the mornin…..LULU and ANNIE (my dog children)are not goin to be happy with my scheduale….This female comedian had planned on fast walkin early in the mornin…but it’s already early in the mornin for God’s sake!   I don’t see the point of sleepin…you just have to get up again.  Maybe I will just lay down and try to relax…of course the idea of that makes me anxious already.  Relax and listen to ocean sounds in my head. Uh Oh….I will then have to go to the bathroom..forget that.  Just looked at my dog children “The Girls”….I love them so much…they look like angels asleep.  I am overwhelmed with love for them!!!  Unconditional love!  Sleep?  maybe now.