So …the question is….How can you be depressed if you have flowers. !!! The roses are blooming and gardenias and camillas and NIGHT BLOOMING JASMINE on and on. The beautiful climbing roses..the Edan rose (looks so old fashion).
I cut flowers from my yard and put then in my house…WOW…that knocks me out..and makes me feel soooo good..
So….My new life is LIFE WITHOUT DOGS!!! I have never NOT had a dog…mostly two dogs in over 30 years the good part is …I am FREE..I can go anywhere at anytime. If I am out and
on the spur of the moment want to go anywhere else I can. I do not have to say…No, I have to go home and walk and feed the dogs. Then I go home and walk and feed the dogs and once I am home I don’t go out again cause I stay home with the dogs . I feel to guilty going out again. NowI don’t have to pay people to take care of the dogs if I am not there. YIPPPPPEEEEEEE. It is such a different type of life.. That is the GOOD news.
And now. Here is the BAD news. I don’t want to go home cause there is no smiling dog there to share love with. To worry about. To have a schedule for. To take care of . To nurture and feel uplifted when I see their happiness.
I am starved for doggie love. It’s been reallllll difficult , but I am trying to get some projects done and important trips I must take so I am trying to hold back.. OY, is it tremendously hard for me to wait. Sometimes it is so hard that I cut more and more flowers to cheer me up. To tell you the truth…I don.t know how long I can last. I would like to write more…BUT…I have to go get more flowers!!!!!!