Soooo…. I LOVE the cold weather we are having…and….I am having a difficult time with my hair!  No these two subjects are not related.  Love the wind!  My “GIRLS” (Lulu, a doxie/beagle and Annie, an Australian Shepard/chocolate lab), are asleep.

A very dear friend (30 some odd years) but who’s counting ??? Is staying with me for a few days…and…that’s nice.  So, I’m telling my good friend Gail about the building and banging that is going on next store…on account that they are building a …tooo big for the lot house.  So, she says to me…..why don’t you get ear plugs….just like that she says it.  And…she is so right!  Why didn’t I think of that???  And, how are you?