So what stage of life am I in.?    I am tying to figure it all out.  I certainly am aware of getting older.  In so many ways I seem to be moving on in life.  As an actor I am certainly aware of going up for auditions of a different type.  No longer do I go up for certain parts….but now go up for those part’s mother…..and now even going up for how can I say this….GRANDMOHTERS….When did this happen?  I wasn’t really aware of this happening.  I feel invisible in ways.  No longer to men come on to me or flirt with me.  Now they just give me a seat.  Need I say I DON’T like it!

I don’t have the empty next syndrome..  I never had children.  I had dogs instead.  They were my children.  I  got to be very maternal and express wonderful unconditional love.  I also received unconditional love from my beloved dogs.  I never got married, but did not feel like I had missed out on anything.  Most of my girlfriends had never got married either.  Many of my friends never had children, so in my circle it was a popular life style.  I thought about marriage and that type of life but I believe you marry when you are with someone you WANT to marry.  If you don’t meet that person then you are better off staying single.  My parents and sister have all passed on.  Loosing them was the hardest thing I have ever had to go through in my life. I miss them terribly.  but I have wonderful friends that are my family.

Scale down?  Hummmm.  I rebuilt my house from the ground  up four years ago and love it. It has a wonderful flow, very open with a European feel. It is small, but big enough.  They will have to drag me out of it.

When I think about RETIREMENT, I feel like that is a foreign word and has nothing to do with me..  At this time in my life I finally realize..not to worry so much and just do what you want to do.  Go forward with projects you have passion for and not to think about what the result will be., just do the very best you can do and ENJOY the process.

I  still am an actore…a writer…director…and teach and coach acting. And also do a character on you tube. I love what I do and do it the very best that I can.  I still have passion for my projects.  I still learn from every venture.  I know I will do what I do as long as I can.  I will continue to go galloping ahead with excitement in my heart..