Last November I decided to visit my good friends Annette and her husband Will ….at the very tip of long island…I WAS GOING TO BE IN SAG HARBOR. I wanted to spend some time with Annette since she was an extraordinary writing coach and taught writing at Stonybrook College and NYU.  It was a perfect time since she and her husband Will, who was also a writing coach and teacher and by the way, is a Nicholl Award winner, were both on vacation from teaching.  I thought I needed a change and I would have a week to be with them and write my outline for my screenplay, (isn’t everybody writing a screenplay)?  Annette had told me it is out in the woods and the actual town was about two blocks long.  I was picked up from the airport by Will and driven to the house.  It was very country and I love country.  It was soooo relaxing.  Annette’s father and brother had built the house, which was quite adorable.  Driving up it was soooo quiet and so beautiful.  I began to love the quiet and my heart fell in love with the environment immediately.  It was cold, and I love the cold.. I had my own room with a sweet , old iron bed. It was sooo special seeing my old friends and their very special little terrier, BEAN.  My days were filled with writing and hiking to the beautiful water and seeing deer in the back yard.

I began to do what I almost never do….RELAX….Wow…what a wonderful feeling.  We each had our laptops and Will would sit on one end of the dining room table and write.  I would sit on the other end of the table and ….write and Annette would sit across from me so we could work together shaping an outline for my screenplay.   Annette and Will kept the fire going .  lunchtime Annette would make sandwiched and then back to work continuing to write. 5pm would roll around and it was MARTINI TIME!  Annette and I would get ready and Will would make the killer martinis and we “let the good times roll”.  We would talk about EVERYTHING.  People, old times , the news, animals , LA…NY…and on and on and on. We would get silly…and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Such a wonderful experience of working AND relaxing …enjoying each other’s company 100% and still doing what I had come for …to get an outline for my project.  The beauty was astounding.  The calmness was so very special.

Hiking in the BRISK cold air…being with friends that WARMED your heart..  The surroundings were so very conducive to enjoying every breathe and every moment and …accomplishing  my work. Things seemed so easy because of how this special place made me feel.

I realized how incredibly lucky I was to have this experience…in a way I think that is what heaven is going to feel like.
What a TRANSFORMATION I experienced just learning to enjoy every moment to the fullest and taking in all the beauty… AND…As Bette Midler sang out…OH YOU GOT TO HAVE FRIENDS

I also felt like there had been a wonderful TRANSFORMATION….by letting myself have the time to share myself with incredible friends.

Boy, was I lucky.  My heart sang throughout the whole week.

Good friends, good food, good work and a tranquil and beautiful environment can transform you and that transformation can show you how to enjoy your life!

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