Monday, Monday….Oh Yeah…Is it the end of the weekend OR the beginning of the week…Is that like the glass is half empty or half full…ONWARD…It is the beginning of the week.

I have been waking up startled, by sawing and hammering and yelling for the past, let’s say, 7 months, since they have been building the new “house” next door.  Oh they say it’s a house, but it looks like a motel…Like many boxes balanced on one another.  OF course it is way, and I mean WAY to big for the lot and I am wondering why they put in a “swimming pool”…if it is the size of a soaking tub that you can’t quite turn around in???  Well you can always put fish in it and turn it into a small pond…better get small fish.


So now when I walk out of my bedroom to my deck, I no longer have to be alone…NO…I can just look to my right and my neighbors and I can visit from my deck and they from their bedroom, since they have huge windows over looking the most beautiful sight…my deck and bedroom.  WOW!  Like a commune.  Brings back those wonderful 60’s.  I don’t have to call, I can just say it softly, or give a whisper…”Good morning.  What’s for breakfast”?….or…”We are sleeping left to right tonight”.