That is what the world is made of …RELATIONSHIPS…  Some are classified GOOD and some are classified  BAD…Some are acquaintances…some are lovers..parents…friends….casual friends…good friends and as we move up the ladder…BEST friends.  Some are husbands…wives…children…daughters..sons…teachers…doctors…ok..WHATEVER.  Soooo many kinds of relationships.  And the huge variety of relationships is exactly what makes life so interesting.  I think all the relationships you ever have in your life are important.  It’s a good idea to try your best with any and all of your relationships.  Some you try so very hard that you bring it into therapy.  Of course you also have to have a working relationship with the therapist.  Some are easy.  Some are easier then others.  Some are just plain difficult.  What a great feeling when a relationship works.  There is a learning process with some .  A good idea would be to have a book of directions with some , you know, maybe even with drawings.  Of course the biggest relationship is the one you have with yourself.  Oh boy, that one takes quite a long time to figure out.  Often we need to go to someone to help us figure it out.  Of course we are continue to figure it out throughout our lifetime.  Once we get a pretty good grip on our relationship with ourselves, then we have even better relationships with others.  I absolutely feel it ‘s best to keep those relationships that make us feel good and …let’s just say, walk away from the one’s that make us feel …not so good.

Relationships teach us so much…about people, about the world, about ourselves. We also learn about sharing and love!  What about that big, tough one COMPROMISE!!!   I love the one’s that there is a special bond.  It is such a comfortable feeling to talk to someone or see someone after not seeing and talking for many years and you start right up like you haven’t missed a day!   Sometimes you give…sometimes you take….sometimes it feels uneven..then it changes.  When you have a close relationship that you can put your trust in and they can trust you and you feel loved and that can breed intimacy…of course that can bring about fear…which can drive you back to the therapist.  I wish I had been better at relating to and with my family.  There is no going back.  I will have to go forward trying harder at  relationships, doing the best I can do.

No matter what.  I love relationships. There is room in my heart for all kinds.

Hey, where would we be without them?