The dogs don’t seem to have trouble sleeping so why…oh why…can’t I!!!!

Yes…that is right…I have a lot on my mind….come on…but still…I should be able to count sheep…pop off….relax and go to dream land… I know..I could organize my office…finish the treatment to my latest creation…learn the monologue me,,5,,BIG pages.)  I could work on the writing of my one woman show…for my BFF Sylvia

I could throw out some papers I don’t need but for some reason keep.  I could organize anything in the house….One always needs constant organizing sessions especially when you aren’t born with the organization gene…..I know you know what I mean.

I could get up and go to all night market and do someone shopping for things I need in the house…I could hug and kiss and love the dogs …Annie and LULU…although I think when I did it two minutes ago…I think I heard a grumble from LULU to ANNIE.  Something like. ”I wish she would go to sleep.  She MEANS well, but she is LOVIN us to death. So I am trying to hold back.  I don’t want to annoy them!  I could get up and exercise.  There is a thought that will remain…a thought.  OH…I could get up and dance.  I LOVE to dance.  I would probably get toooo excited and then never go to sleep.


Ok..let me confess already…Here it is.  I’m not proud.  I have to admit.  But I did it.  I didn’t want to.  But I did.  Ok.  I am upset .  With myself.  But.  I don’t have a sponsor.  It just happened.  For some reason I lost all control.  That should never happen.  Who’s the Boss.  I’m THE BOSS!!!  Here it is;

I don’t eat dairy.  I love cheese.  But.  I don’t buy it for the house.  I bought a huge …let’s just say BRICK of cheese…(cheddar…medium sharp}_  Now I bought it cause I had to give my dog LULU (who is 19 and a half years old ) some pills and it is easier if I put it into cheese….So..

After 200 times of TRYING to give LULU her pills in cheese  I was exhausted and building up an appetite.  Well…There was nothing in the house…ok.  Except for a few old rice cakes…BORING!!!!…So;

I lost control of my mind!  Myself!!!  I must of blacked out…  cause I can’t remember what happened next and then next.  All I remember is …

When I got up …came to.  The cheese was missing.  Lulu looked hungry  and I was very FULL!.  I am in bed with a heating pad on my tummy and I feel sick and uncomfortable.

I’m tired…Do you think it is easy to eat the whole brick.???

I DID go through part of an outline for the one woman show.  Now I have to remind myself NOT to think about sleeping cause that will make me anxious and then it will never happen.

Oh…I am finally getting tired.  If I miss this sleepy time boat it will be my last chance to get on board….gotta go….gotta relax.  But.  I gotta hurry.  I am on the boat…NIte Nite!