When I think about my MOM I think about her incredible concern with taking care of animals and in doing so showed me how to connect and love. I was raised in Miami and I remember a little house with a windowed room that was called a Florida room, and in that room were my turtles. My mom would patiently tell me all about the turtles and the habits and how to clean their bowl and feed them and let them walk around. We had fish. We had parakeets and they had babies and my Mom taught me how to change the cage and feed them and, learn their habits and teach them how to talk.

We always had a dog….which we rescued and they always treated like a member of the family and of course slept with us.

I remember bringing a kitten home that had ring worm. The ringworm spread to the dog and to me and to my sister. My mom was so calm about it; we had medicine for it and took care of it. I also learned all about hamsters and took care of the hamsters we had. I remember a pregnant hamster hiding behind the book case and mom said ….”No one goes to sleep till Jimmy (the pregnant hamster’s name) was safe in her cage. We had a Chihuahua named Kokomo, and the bird, Tico, would call the dog. I learned so much about each animal and what they needed. It was an incredible way of learning responsibility and being there for an animal that needs you. Sometimes we would play a game of looking at the animal and trying to guess what they were thinking.

My mother was so gentle and caring. She showed me how much the animal appreciated my caring for them which connected me with how special it felt to know an animal loved me and responded to my care.

How fortunate for me to have my special mother who was so loving and taught me so much about observing…connecting…responsibility…and love.

When I was eight years old I started riding horses, because my sister did and I wanted to be just like her. The problem was…I was deathly afraid of them. My mom explained I had nothing to prove to anyone except myself and that I didn’t have to ride horses….but it would be nice to make friends with them. I wouldn’t quit. I started show riding and continued to take my fear with me and not let it stop me. She was always supportive and I became the youngest Florida champion of the 5-gaited division three years in a row. I got the chance to feel what it was like, at a young age, to continue…work hard…and take my fear with me, not letting it stop me and become a winner! Yes my mom was always there for me with love and support and gently teaching me what it was like to deserve and receive love.

And…Of course, Animals are a big part of my life.


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