WOW! How wonderfully private late at night is….You can do anything you want to do.  You can work on your beloved projects…with no interruptions.  You can write in bed…make your  TO DO LIST in bed…You can pay your bills…in bed…You can read the paper…in bed…You can text….in bed.  You can email …in bed.  You can get your room as well as your mind organized…while …in bed.  You can go to the bathroom and leave the door open to the bedroom.  You can go on facebook…while in bed.  You can go over a script in bed.  You can go over and over and over your lines in bed.  Sometimes I wonder why I have the rest of my house….Who needs it…I can do just about anything in bed!

I went to have a late dinner with a friend last night …. Don’t really go anywhere to much.  Went to Burbank and thought I had travelled.  It was very nice on San Ferrnando Rd.  Made me want to really make a trip….but must work on projects from my heart!   Fortunate to be able to do work that I love.  So grateful for that….

Yes… I’m a lucky lady!

Wish My parents were here so I could tell them.