Sometimes I keep myself busy and don’t go out and enjoy myself….but…as luck would have it…last night I went to the Big Launch Party for TEASURE OF THE BLACK JAGUAR and had such a great time..  I brought my two friends Jack and Naro had a really great time,  and laughed our tushies off! Mike Bruce wrote the wonderfully entertaining script and directed it also.  Cameron Van Hoy produced it and starred in it with his good friend Michael Drayer.  The party was at Cabo Wabo Cantina and was really fun.  Got to see many of my fellow Actors studio members.  They are always so supportive and so much fun. Enjoyed talking with Mike Bruce, he looked amazing and very happy. Film Festival Flix is a terrific group warm, friendly and so capable.  I had a lovely evening and came home and thought…I have to go out for some fun time and good conversation a little bit more now…cause I believe a GOOD time was had by all.