What a fun…wonderful shoot

What a fun…wonderful shoot on the short film Come Away With Me. Written beautifully by Dave Field. The incredibly talented, Charlie Robinson played Michael Blake and I played Anne Dugan. The crew were so wonderful and worked so well together. This shoot was a great experience for me as an actor/director. Our DP was the incredible Polly Morgan, nothing was too much for her to do and she was so easy to work with. Our producer/editor was the very talented Julie Janata who was so “on it”. I feel so fortunate to have worked on this project because it was so dear to my heart, and meant so much to me.
This story is a bittersweet love story, where a woman goes back to her 50 year high school reunion to rekindle her romance with her high school sweetheart who now suffers from Post traumatic stress syndrome and doesn’t remember her, until after she leaves.
This story took place outside on a bench at a VA rehab facility. I am so happy to be doing this project, to have such wonderful help by everyone. The crew was seamless. The location, outside at the Tierra Del Sol facility was exactly right. Ari Robbins, the steadicam operator was soooo good. Kelly Ambrow/sound was terrific. Alicia Fschmeister/1st AC and Elizabeth Hodgman/2ndAC couldn’t have been better. Nicolas Budner and Jon Gomez and Luis De Tagie were wonderful grips. Shirak Agresta/still photographer rocked and Lisa Ribar was incredible with hair and make-up. Colin/DIT was great and Brent Mason/pitched in for production design. Thank you Gabreilla Leone for craft services and thank you so much Chris Hobbs, Josh and Sebastion.Camadaeus Film, Technologies.
Onward to recording the song, COME AWAY WITH ME TONIGHT that Catherine Grealish and I wrote for the film, with the incredible Hollie Cavanaugh singing it.. I feel so fortunate to have such special people to work with. An exceptional experience……. GALLOPING ONWARD TO POST!!!!